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Having dominated the world two millennia ago and continued to be a dominant force in world culture ever since, the contribution of Italy cannot be underestimated. From an ongoing role in the development of Christianity to leading intellectual thoughts in the Renaissance, the effects and influences of Italy can be felt throughout history. With such a diverse and impactful contribution to world history, Italy continues to fascinate all of us. If you want to find new insight whilst enjoying the fun of Italy has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

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20 November 2019

In These Special Years 2019/20 when so much is happening in our present problematic world, we feel that the importance of knowledge, history and culture remains one of the creative blocks which will help us to build a meaningful future. That is why we continue to work on our presentation of studies and researches linked to our main visual events in London, especially the wealth of Exhibitions which are being presented.

If you wish to know about our calendar of events for the next 6 months, you will find it here in our website; but if you would like to receive it in print or by email , just ask and we will mail it or send it directly.

However, in our programme of events there will be a change to our February Lecture on Raphael which we will postpone to this autumn when the major exhibition on Raphael opens at the National Gallery (3 October 2019 - 24 January 2020). In fact they have just announced an exhibition on Titian: Love, Desire and Death (16 March - 14 June 2020). This will be a most important exhibition showing the artists latest works, which are to me the best of his life. The National Gallery in London owns some of these works together with the National Gallery of Scotland, the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum in Boston and the Prado will be the main lenders since their Collections have many paintings by Titian, who was the main painter for Charles V and Philip II of Spain. Titian: The death of Actaeon (see illustration). Just before the exhibition opens we will have a lecture on this fascinating subject "The Last Works and the "Poesie" for Philip II of Spain".

Two other exhibitions I like to mention, also at the National Gallery, which I think will interest our Friends and Members are Artemisia Gentileschi (4 April - 26 July 2020) and Durers’s Journeys: Travels of a Renaissance Artist (13 February - 16 May 2021). This last is a little far away; but to me, since he is one of my very favourite artists, is something very much worth anticipating.

Titian, The Death of Actaeon, National Gallery

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