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Having dominated the world two millennia ago and continued to be a dominant force in world culture ever since, the contribution of Italy cannot be underestimated. From an ongoing role in the development of Christianity to leading intellectual thoughts in the Renaissance, the effects and influences of Italy can be felt throughout history. With such a diverse and impactful contribution to world history, Italy continues to fascinate all of us. If you want to find new insight whilst enjoying the fun of Italy has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

I am Doctor Rosa Maria Letts founder of the Accademia Italiana / Artstur. Born in Rome I have lived more than 45 years in the UK where I gained an M.A in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute and an M.Phil in Combined Historical Studies on the Renaissance at the Warburg Institute. My passion for the Italian Art and Culture lead me to create this Institution to present Italy and its artistic expressions in all its aspects.

Bosco Reale, Bedroom Painting, 40/50 BC

Bosco Reale, Bedroom Painting, 40/50 BC

Michelangelo, Fresco Painting Sistine Chapel, Creation of Adam Vatican Museum, 1510 - 1511

In this special year of 2020 when so much happens in our present problematic world, we feel that the importance of Knowledge, History and Art remains one of the creative blocks which will help us to build a meaningful future. That is why we continue to work on our presentation of studies and researches linked to the main exhibitions and artistic events likely to touch our sensitivity this year.

Raphael, Fresco Painting, School of Athens, Vatican Museums, 1508 - 1510



Video Lecture "Raffaello 1520 - 1483"
Mon 19
Oct 2020
Zoom by Rosa Maria Letts: "Artemisia Gentileschi” Anger & Passion in her Life & Art
Wed 18
Nov 2020
V&A: Visit to the Restored Gallery of the Raphael Cartoons.
Wed 27
Jan 2021
Lecture by Dr A. Scafi "From the Abyss to Light with Dante and Botticelli"
26 - 28
Mar 2021
Tour: A Weekend Visit to Raffaello Sanzio & High Renaissance Rome
26 - 30
Mar 2021
Tour: A Visit to Raffaello Sanzio & High Renaissance Rome
6 - 11
May 2021
Tour: Wine & Culture in the Ragusa Region of Sicily


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