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Video: RAFFAELLO 1520 - 1483
RAFFAELLO 1520-1483 - the incredible Exhibition of Raffaello Sanzio’s Life and Art opened in Rome on 3/3/2020 but closed on 5/3/2020 because of Coronavirus, will reopen on 2/6/2020 until 31/08/2020.
To this Commemoration of 500 years from his death, unseen by most of us, only a magnificent Catalogue in Italian has been left. 

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Therefore we dedicated to it a Video Lecture in English concentrating on the presentation of these new amazing aspects of Raffaello’s work.
In this Video, Dr Letts an expert on Italian Renaissance Art, will illustrate why Raffaello should be considered one of the greatest artist of the Renaissance alongside Leonardo and Michelangelo.
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“This film presents an intimate introduction to the superb exhibition of Raphael’s work that has been on display behind closed doors in Rome since March 2020. While the organisers are hoping to extend the length of the display, to allow the public to see these assembled treasures, Dr. Rosa Maria Letts provides us here with an opportunity to see and to reflect on some of the works that have been assembled, and to think about the new aspects of Raphael as an artist that the exhibition brings to light. Not least of these is the discovery during restoration of the remarkable figures of Justice and Love depicted in the Vatican Sala di Constantino in Raphael’s own hand, which were previously thought to be the work of his followers. Some of his exquisitely sensitive portraits are all discussed, in intelligent commentary infused with an evident and infectious love of the matter in hand. But what made the deepest impression on me were his drawings, shown here to superb effect alongside their respective paintings. It is in the drawings that we see his true genius and vision.”
Valery Rees, May 2020
“A chance to get a tantalising flavour of this fascinating exhibition, which was only open for two days before Covid19 caused its closure. Rosa Maria picks out its highlights, including some of the new discoveries made during the restoration of the Vatican's Sala di Constantino. The video offers a chance to study details of some of the paintings and even more of the drawings, reminding us just how exquisite they are.”
Suzanne Burge, May 2020

We are planning to produce a Video of the Raphael Cartoons to match the one of Raffaello 1520 - 1483 Exhibition. This would produce two highly professional Videos which in total last about two hours and cover the highlights of an extraordinary life cut short when Raphael died suddenly at the age of 37.

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Rosa Maria will uncover the making of some of the well known Works of the maestro who, together with Leonardo and Michelangelo, best represent the Italian High Renaissance. Giving us a mini course of History of Art in two hours. 
During this period of exceptional difficulties for businesses in the field of Culture and Tourism, such as ours, it is a problem for us to finance the project. You can really help us by purchasing two copies of each video (only one if you have already made a purchase) and in return we would send one copy to you and three to anyone of your choice giving us their email addresses.
Prices for the two Videos is £48 for Members/Friends and £56 for others.
All my best
Rosa Maria

Wednesday 24 June 2020 at 6 pm
In the V&A Designed for the Sistine Chapel
In this Raphael year commemorating 500 years from his death in 1520 with the many events organised in Italy, England and other parts of the world, the Victoria & Albert Museum will reopen the Raphael Cartoons Room which has been under restoration from last year.

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The Cartoons here on loan from Queen Victoria were offered in honour of Prince Albert, after his death, to the Museum he created and supported after the Crystal Palace Exhibition.
Considered from the end of 18 C by most British art experts as the greatest Renaissance treasure in the country and Raphael’s most important Art Work, they have had an incredibly chequered history well worth knowing. That is why I think that to present them and discuss them in a Zoom meeting may be interesting especially for those of you who know already quite a lot of Raphael’s art and work practices.
COST OF ZOOM LECTURE:  Members - £ 12 | Others - £ 14
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Payment by bank transfer: Bank: CARDONEBANKING - Name: Artstur Ltd; Sort Code: 23 18 84; Account: 78597529
Payment by cheque to Artstur Ltd and posted to The Dell Pound Lane, Wood Street Village, Guildford, Surrey GU33DT

Saturday 18 July 2020

Visiting the British Renaissance in Hampton Court Palace. We will pay particular attention to the Work of Christopher Wren in the newly built Royal Stuart Palace (1587 - 1604) and his attention to the Renaissance Treasures like the Mantegna Cartoons; the Italian Verrio, inherited from the Tudor Court; the master craftsmen like Grinley Gibbons, the Head Gardner, later continued by Capability Brown; the great Iron specialist Master Jean Tijou.

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The tradition of hiring foreign masters was started by the humanist Cardinal Wolsey who employed Italian Sculptors and Painters like Orazio Gentileschi and his daughter Artemisia. It seems that Giambattista Penni briefly came to London to work at Hampton Court after the Sack of Rome before settling in France. Their work and the way it fitted with Christopher Wren’s grand Renaissance/Baroque style and design will be identified and discussed in front of their works.

Cost: £15 to include the 3-hour visit.

Tickets to Hampton Court are not included because their cost varies from ‘free’ for members of the Royal Palaces to £21.30 for adults with various concessions.

Meeting place – the ticket office at Hampton Court at 10am

Book Now   or contact us:    +44(0)7720812183   e-mail: artstur@gmail.com

Friday 9 - Tuesday 13 October 2020 
Commemorating the Artist's Death on 6 April 1520
More information and Itinerary HERE


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