Forthcoming Events January to March 2015

Dear Members and Friends,

We open 2015 here at the Accademia Italiana/Artstur with a shining series of cultural, musical and cinematographic events and visits to museums in and out of London.
After our concert by our young protege', the pianist and violinist Andrei Anghel, we embark on our presentation of Italian Films classical and contemporary in our very home here at Ognisko. We hope that these Films Soirees will become a way to bring you back to the Accademia in a more and more friendly atmosphere between old and new Friends because we will need more and more Friends for those and we count on you to tell all those you meet!
The new Cumberland Art Gallery in Hampton Court visit plus the interesting lectures from Giuseppe Albano, Director of the Keats and Shelley Museum in Rome and the one on Botticelli from the world expert on Renaissance Philosophy and Art Valery Rees, will start our trajectory into the New Year.
I  expect you all to accompany us on our new exciting journey through Italian Art and Culture of 2015.

Rosa Maria

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