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From January 2015 we are starting the presentation of Italian films in the Accademia Italiana at 55 Exhibition Road for our friends and members. To become a friend of the Accademia Italiana you need to fill in the form. Click here to download the form

We will present the most famous classical films of past Italian cinema and the latest ones presented in the European film festivals. These films produced by our greatest directors like De Sica, Rossellini, Fellini, Pasolini, Scola, Amelio, Bellocchio, Bertolucci, Costanzo, Placido, Segre, Sorrentino, Visconti and others will be introduced briefly before the projection. Each of you can invite friends. We cannot charge for the film but there will be a charge of £10 for a glass of wine and share of the cost of hiring the room. Guests will be charged £12.50 which also includes membership of the Accademia for 1 day. There will be a cash bar available.

The films will be once a month, ten times a year, on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm but anyone can arrive from 7pm onwards. We plan to present the film twice at 2pm and at 7:30pm

OLeopardoFriday, Friday, 30 January 2015 6:30 for 7pm
1st Floor, 55 Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2PN

Il Gattopardo

Il Gattopardo is probably the greatest Italian film of all time. Just over 50 years old in 2013, this production has influenced Italian films none more then "The Godfather". Read more...

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