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Accademia Italiana /  Artstur
27 Nov 2019

His Greatest Workshop in Florence
Lecture by Rosa Maria LETTS
2 October 2019
presentation by Prof Manescalchi
11 Sept 2019
Visit accompanies by Rosa Maria LETTS
28 May 2019
Leonardo Da Vinci - A Life in Drawing
Visit accompanied by Rosa Maria Letts
22 May 2019
Last Supper in Pompei
Lecture byDr Paul Roberts
28 March 2019
The Artistic Drawings Created to Use on the Euro Coins 
Lecture byProf Alessandro Scafi
12 March 2019
Henry Moore: The Helmet Heads
Visit accompanied by Rosa Maria Letts
22 January 2019    
The Last Days Of Leonardo Da Vinci
Lecture by Ross King
14 November 2019 Mantegna and Bellini
Lecture by Dr Michael Douglas-Scott
11 October 2019

Renzo Piano at 80

Lecture by William Stok

23 May 2018
“Gold, Sex & Death”...

Lecture byRosa Maria Letts
23 April 2018
The Greatest Buildings of the 20th Century
Lecture byWilliam Stok
31 January 2018Charles I: King and Collector Lecture by Rosa Maria Letts

7 December 2017Members’ Christmas Lunch
1 November 2017
From the Impressionists to Contemporary Art 
Lecture by William Stok
5 Oct 2017 Venice & the Islands
Lecture by Adrian Mourby
21 September 2017A visit to the exhibition of G. Da Rimini accompanied by Rosa Maria Letts
27 June 2017From Classicism to Modernism: Art Past and Present Lecture by William STOK 

17 May 2017
Film of Tosca
with Placido Domingo and Catherina Malfitano
20 April 2017
Two Giants of the Arts of the Cinquecento in Rome

Lecture by Rosa Maria Letts
22 Feb 2017
For Rome a life is not enough: S.ta Maria...

Lecture by Prof Carola Small
Venice’s Arsenale by Canaletto23 - 27 Jan 2017
Tour:Venice in Art, Architecture and Literature
withAdrian Mourby
18 Jan 2017Sex in Paradise: Late Medieval and Early Modern Views
Lecture by Dr. Alessandro Scafi


6 November 2016When the Arno took over Florence by M. Calderoni and a film by F. Zeffirelli
20 - 24 October 2016
Tour: Verdi Festival: Opera & Art


4 October 2016
Dinner and Lecture with Sandy Nairne CBE FSA - Art Theft & the Case of the Stolen Turners


29 September 2016
Painters & Printers in Renaissance Venice
by Michael Douglas-Scott
14 - 18 June 2016 
Ravenna under the Stars

17 - 25 May 2016 
Arab-Norman Sicily 
Thur 28 April 2016 
Lecture:  Treasures from the Sicilian Seas: Storms, War and Shipwrecks by Paul Roberts

Sun 24 April 2016 
Andrei in Concert

Wed 23 Feb 2016 
Dining Club - Il Trillo
Thur 17 Mar 2016     In the Age of Giorgione
Lecture by Rosa Maria Letts
Mon 7 Mar 2016
Art & Gastronomy in the Veneto  

Presentation by Peter Smythe

18 Nov 2015
A Walk around Norman Sicily
Lecture by Dirk Booms
15 October 2015 
Lecture on TITIAN by Valery Rees
1 July 2015
Greek Gods, Myths and Heroes at the Opera 
by Helena Matheopoulos
Trevi Fountain4 June 2015 
Promenade Through the Italian Soundscapes
 by Marc Jean-Bernard
Wolsey Angels14 May 2015

An Early Anglo Italian Renaissance
by Rosa Maria Letts
36635-04522 March 2015 
Musical Soirees

Andrei Anghel in Concert
(violin, piano)
Dining Club Food & Drink12 March 2015 
Dining Club

Locanda Ottoemezzo             
Botticelli and the Divine5 March 2015 

Botticelli and the Divine
Lecture by Valery REES
benvenuto-cellini-perseus21 November 2014 

A Florentine Evening
The Adventure of Perseus 
by M. Moscogiuri

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