Florence: The Spring of the Renaissance offered a visit to the wonderful exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi, a magical chance to see the newly restored frescoes in Santa Croce close up, an extraordinary opportunity to visit the restorers at Ospedale delle Pietre Dure, and revisiting old friends in the Bargello, plus good company and great meals. Classical Artstur!
- Suzanne Burge

I highly recommend Artstur if you like a small group and have a special interest in what the tour is going to offer you. It is not the usual Grand Tour of a city like Florence for example when one dips into all aspects of the city, but with Artstur, one is brought on a special visit, in a special way, to see a particular aspect of the Artistic journey which is so enlightening!
- Valerie Sheridan Thompson

In the spring I went with Artstur on their Art and Wine tour in Eastern Sicily and I can thoroughly recommend it. It was a small group which made the visits to three vineyards with wine tasting and delicious food very enjoyable. The tour also included visits to the main Greek and Roman sites in the east of Sicily and an expedition into the lava fields of Mount Etna. Because of the small group a lot of extra details were packed in making the whole tour interesting and unusual.
- Anne Durbin

The organization of your institution at the Bagni di Pisa Hotel in this tour has been fantastic. A total Tuscan atmosphere, very civilized. I found some old friends whom I convinced to join me to see Turandot which was a real spectacle. The same on the previous night with Rigoletto - bellisimo! Many foreigners and a group from the Metropolitan were there, all enthusiastic. As a local, the niece of Puccini was there; I promised to go and see her at her house there, where is the Puccini Museum.
- Viscountess Hambleden

I have been on several tours with Artstur and have always been impressed by the number of people who return time and time again.
- Jan Wright

Just to say thank you so much for the tour today. We were so impressed by Stefania's knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the morning. We felt that we had learned a great deal in a short space of time.
- Jane Richardson (regarding the Borghese Gallery & Baroque Rome tour)

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