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Dear Members and Friends

As our activities grow we start again our monthly newsletter to update you on future events to be held and comments on a few past ones.

On Wednesday 15 October we have a lecture on Mario Praz, mostly on his Museum/house in Rome. Countess Monique Riccardi-Cubitt is coming from Paris where she lives to tell us about her long period of study on Mario Praz, about whom she is writing a film script. She spent many years in Rome where she became entranced by the achievements of Praz in spreading the love of English literature in Italy. He was here in the 1940s teaching at a University and developed a passion for English writing. In his house in Rome, now a museum, one can see his love for French 18C furniture especially Napoleonic, English literature and European works of art. A visit to the museum is a feast to the eye and mind which gives a very private insight into this great manʼs world similar to the Soane Museum in London.
Lecture: 6.30 for 7.00 pm on the second floor of the Polish Club.

On Thursday 6 November there will be a Dining Club event for Members and Friends at Rocco which is a well-known and respected restaurant among the Italian community. On the evening the cuisine will be based on Northern Italy (the chef is Milanese) and we will be offered a choice of 3 starters, 6 main courses, 2 desserts, a glass of 3 different wines for each course, all from Piedmont, coffee or tea, all for £39 a head. Come along and enjoy an exceptional Italian cuisine. Dinner: 8 pm at Rocco Restaurant, 254-260 Old Brompton Road (Tel: 020 7259 2599)

The evening of Wednesday 12 November is a celebration of Benvenuto Celliniʼs artistic work with a lecture by Rosa Maria Letts.
This will be a short survey of sculpture between 1515-1540 when due to dramatic changes in Italian affairs, the presentation of art changed from Realism to Maniera. A confrontation between the great giants of sculpture began, between Michelangelo, Giambologna, and lesser Roman and Florentine artists and from it emerged the art of Cellini.
Lecture: 6.30 for 7.00 pm on the second floor of the Polish Club.

A Florentine evening in celebration of 460 years of the unveiling of Benvenuto Celliniʼs statue of Perseus, with a lecture by Margherita Moscoguiri-Calderoni followed by a host of Florentine delicacies - all for £39!
Event: 6.30 for 7.00 pm on the first floor of the Polish Club.

On Friday 14 November there will be a private visit to the Etruscan Collection of the British Museum conducted by Dirk Booms, curator of Etruscan studies in the Greek and Roman Department of the British Museum. This will be FREE for Members and Friends (limited to 20). Visit: 6.30 pm at the the British Museum.
Following the visit we can have dinner at a Greek Taverna near to the British Museum (each paying their share).

PLEASE HELP US TO PLAN  by booking now.

(Cost of Lectures: £16 Members, £20 Friends, Others £22). ******

Polish Club Restaurant:

Now that the Polish Club Restaurant is fully functioning and the cuisine is greatly improved we will have a Membersʼ and Friendsʼ light lunch on the first Tuesday of each month, starting on Tuesday 7 October - details to follow.

Italian CineClub:

We are close to forming an Italian CineClub in which Members and Friends only will be able to come at a modest fee to a selection of recent and classical Italian films, This initiative will be shared with the Polish Club members. We will have one film per month starting in November.

Looking back, two events stand out:

During the Puccini Festival our group of 13 were taken around the Puccini Museum, previously his house, by his grand daughter Simonetta. As she described his life through his musical instruments, photographs and rooms furnished as they were during his life, you could almost sense his presence and hear the music he composed. It was a wonderful introduction to the two operas we attended.

Then on 22 September, Dirk Booms gave a scholarly and bravura lecture on Etruscan Seduction. We await with impatience for our visit to the British Museum on 14 November.

Kind regards

Rosa Maria

Rosa Maria Letts
Accademia Italiana Club/Artstur

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