Dining Club

Dining Club

Dining Club Food and Wine

All members are invited to join the dinners organized on a two monthly basis. The purpose is not only to provide a very pleasant social evening but also to sample some of the best Italian cuisine in London!

We ask some restaurants chosen to provide a theme to the selected menu such as region, game, funghi etc. By getting together a group of ten or more we try to get a preferential price so the meals should be good value.


Thursday 12 March 2015 at 8 pm
2-4 Thackeray St, London W8 5ET

Dining Club - Locanda Ottoemezzo

UntitledAppropriately named for our entry into showing Italian Films, this romantic restaurant in a chic but rustic style is highly rated. The cost for their two course menu with half a bottle of wine and service is £49.

 About Locanda Ottoemezzo



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