Past Events & Tours

4 March 2021
Zoom-Lecture: "Changes of Style in the Art of Raffaello"
by Rosa Maria Letts

19 October 2020
Zoom-Lecture: "Artemisia Gentileschi" Anger & Passion in her Life & Art
by Rosa Maria Letts
 28 Sept 2020
Lecture: Titian Mythologies from Dawn to Dusk
by Rosa Maria Letts
18 July 2020 Hampton Court Visit
guided by Rosa Maria Letts
24 June 2020
Webinar: The Raphael Cartoons
by Rosa Maria Letts
3 March 2020
Lecture: The Triumph of Painting
by Prof. Charles Hope
27 Nov 2019
Lecture: LEONARDO DA VINCI 1501/2
His Greatest Workshop in Florence
by Rosa Maria Letts
2 October 2019
by Prof Manescalchi
11 Sept 2019
​Visit to Ashmolean Museum: LAST SUPPER IN POMPEII
guided by Rosa Maria Letts
28 May 2019
Visit: Leonardo Da Vinci - A Life in Drawing
guided by Rosa Maria Letts
22 May 2019
Lecture: Last Supper in Pompei
by Dr Paul Roberts
28 March 2019
Lecture: The Artistic Drawings Created to Use on the Euro Coins 
by Prof Alessandro Scafi
16 – 18 March 2019
Opera Tour:
Domingo in La Traviata at La Scala 
12 March 2019
Visit: Henry Moore: The Helmet Heads
guided by Rosa Maria Letts
22 January 2019    
Lecture: The Last Days Of Leonardo Da Vinci
by Ross King
14 November 2019 Lecture: Mantegna and Bellini
by Dr Michael Douglas-Scott
11 October 2019

Lecture: Renzo Piano at 80
by William Stok

23 May 2018
Lecture: “Gold, Sex & Death”...
by Rosa Maria Letts
23 April 2018
Lecture: The Greatest Buildings of the 20th Century
by William Stok
14 March 2018 Private lecture and visit to Modigliani exhibition at Tate Modern
20 February 2018
A showing of the film of the Opera “L’elizir d’amore” by Donizetti
31 January 2018 Lecture: Charles I: King and Collector by Rosa Maria Letts

7 December 2017 Members’ Christmas Lunch
1 November 2017
Lecture: From the Impressionists to Contemporary Art by William Stok
5 Oct 2017
Lecture: Venice & the Islands
by Adrian Mourby
28 September 2017
Meeting to present the Art and Opera tours 2018
21 September 2017
A visit to the Exhibition of G. Da Rimini guided by Rosa Maria Letts
27 June 2017
Lecture: From Classicism to Modernism: Art Past and Present by William Stok 
17 May 2017
Film of Tosca
with Placido Domingo and Catherina Malfitano
20 April 2017
Lecture: Two Giants of the Arts of the Cinquecento in Rome

by Rosa Maria Letts
22 Feb 2017
Lecture: For Rome a life is not enough: S.ta Maria...

by Prof Carola Small
Venice’s Arsenale by Canaletto23 - 27 Jan 2017
Venice in Art, Architecture and Literature

withAdrian Mourby
6 Nov 2016
When the Arno took over Florence 
by M. Calderoni and a film by F. Zeffirelli
20 - 24 October 2016
Verdi Festival: Opera & Art
4 October 2016
Dinner and Lecture with Sandy Nairne CBE FSA
- Art Theft & the Case of the Stolen Turners
29 September 2016
Painters & Printers in Renaissance Venice

by Michael Douglas-Scott
14 - 18 June 2016 
Ravenna under the Stars
17 - 25 May 2016

Arab-Norman Sicily 
Thur 28 April 2016 
Lecture: Treasures from the Sicilian Seas: Storms, War and Shipwrecks by P. Roberts

Sun 24 April 2016 
Andrei in Concert

Wed 23 Feb 2016 
Dining Club - Il Trillo
Thur 17 Mar 2016 Lecture: In the Age of Giorgione
by Rosa Maria Letts
Mon 7 Mar 2016
Presentation: Art & Gastronomy in the Veneto  

by Peter Smythe

18 Nov 2015
Lecture: A Walk around Norman Sicily
by Dirk Booms
15 October 2015 
Lecture on
TITIAN by Valery Rees
7-17 Sept 2015
Renaissance Revisited
1 July 2015

Greek Gods, Myths and Heroes at the Opera by Helena Matheopoulos
Trevi Fountain4 June 2015 
Promenade Through the Italian Soundscapes by Marc Jean-Bernard
5033258_matera_imbrunirecopy19 -25 May 2015
Matera and the Riace Bronzes
Wolsey Angels14 May 2015
An Early Anglo Italian Renaissance by Rosa Maria Letts
36635-04522 March 2015 
Musical Soiree:
Andrei Anghel in Concert (violin, piano)
Dining Club Food & Drink12 March 2015 
Dining Club:

Locanda Ottoemezzo    
Botticelli and the Divine5 March 2015 
Botticelli and the Divine

by Valery Rees
Caravaggio17 January 2015
Visit to the
Cumberland Art Gallery, Hampton Court Palace
benvenuto-cellini-perseus21 November 2014 
A Florentine Evening
The Adventure of Perseus by M. Moscogiuri




























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