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You will start your walk around the British Museum from the Great Court, the largest public covered square in Europe where 312 panes of glass (no two of which are the same) cover and separate this amazing space from the London sky!
Your voyage through the largest ethnographic museum of the world, presenting the history and culture of the people of the world starts here. You will be accompanied by your own Art Historian to guide you and only your group.

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What You Can Expect

TThe Museum is the largest ethnographic Museum in the world — culture is its theme. It represents not only British culture but it is a collection of World cultures such as the Egyptian, Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Pacific Ocean, the Americas and Eastern Cultures, etc. This British Museum tour is ideal for a personalised perspective on the collections. Everything is huge here, like the recently refurbished hall called the Great Court. The Museum owns over 9 million objects, of which 2 million are on display. You may not see them all!!! Some of the most important — starting from the very beginning — is the one million and six hundred thousand year old Hand Ax from Africa; to some of the rarest and best kept Egyptian statues; the Rosetta Stone; the Egyptian Mummies; the Assyrian Palace's Freezes with details of their battles quoted in the Bible, and among them the Lion Hunt; also included is the Mesopotamian 2000 BC Standard of Ur - from the small but powerful Mesopotamian town where Abraham was born and lived in those years; to the Parthenon Sculptures, as well as Roman sculptures like the Portland Vase; Caesar’s and Augustus’s Iate I century BC busts and the Anglo Saxon Hoards recently discovered found buried in Britain after the Roman Conquest etc. from 400 AD.
Halfway through our tour, we will take a 15 minute break for rest and refreshments!


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